Skin Lightening Soap

Skin lightening soap is a brilliant idea - and a must do in your overall skin lightening regimen. The beauty of soaping your way to lighter, brighter, more even skin is that it doesn't take up any extra time. 

All you got to do is wash yourself the way you usually do - and let the suds sit on your skin for awhile for the best results. It makes a brilliantly simple, yet effective method of gradually lightening your overall body skin tone and fading everything from freckles to unwanted tan lines. And all it takes is a few minutes in the shower. 

Well, that is if you choose the best, most effective skin lightening soaps. For your convenience, we've rounded up the top lightening soaps on the market - here are our top 3 picks!

Note: There are great skin lightening soaps coming out all the time so this is an ever-expanding list. Last updated on 3/18/2017. ​


kojic acid soap

Most skin lightening soaps contain kojic acid, which is no surprise since this all-natural skin lightening ingredient is one of the most popular skin lightening agents. 

It's great at inhibiting melanin production​ and is as effective as chemical skin lighteners without the nasty side effects.

Kojic acid also comes with a heap of skin benefits since it's an antioxidant that protects skin cells from damage and breakdown.

Extra perk? It's also antibacterial and known to fend off bacteria-caused acne and blemishes. 

Why we love Marie France's Kojic Acid Soap:

Lots of soaps contain kojic acid. But this is hands-down our favorite kojic acid soap for the face because it is highly potent – most kojic soaps contain very little kojic acid which leads to very little results.

Marie France uses high concentrations of both kojic acid and papain (they’re listed second and third on the ingredients list), yet is also much more gentle than other, equally potent kojic acid soaps. See the best kojic acid soaps!

Why customers love it:

"I have been using product for about 2 weeks and have seen a dramatic change in my skin. The dark spots due to acne have started to fade and the sun damage is also fading. I love this product and will definitely order it again!!!"

"Actually really good. Dont focus on the reaults at first because it would seem like its taking longer but it's actually really really good. I'm medium brown and I've gotten lighter. My friends noticed and it works great for acne too. Its expensive but trust me, its worth it 100%"

"I have had acne and oily skin for about 8 years now. I've tried hundreds of products to clear my skin and fade all the acne scars that I've accumulated. The very first time I used this soap, my skin felt great. This soap really cleans down deep leaving your skin very smooth and healthy. Within the very first week, my acne was completely gone and hasn't come back. As for the lightening effect, it has taken 3 months of use to get about 3 shades lighter. I used to use foundations like "golden", " tan", "medium dark" but now I have to buy makeup like "beige" or "honey". As for the dark scars left behind by acne, they're almost completely gone. Hopefully soon I'll be able to leave the house without makeup."

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skin lightening soap

A great whitening soap by Shouvy, this funky green bar is just as moisturizing and nourishing, thanks to a combination of coconut oil, glycerin and rice milk extract.

And it's one of the most effective whitening and brightening soaps you'll find on the market, thanks to its brilliant combination of Vitamin C and one of the effective skin lightening ingredients ever: glutathione. ​

Why we love Shouvy's Whitening Soap:

This green bar's claim to lightening fame is glutathione. 

Glutathione, as you already know, is a major antioxidant that's naturally produced by the body.

And it's one of the most potent skin lightening ingredients ever. Why? Not only does glutathione inhibit the enzymes that stimulates melanin production, but it actually changes the metabolic pathway of melanin from making dark pigmented melanin to creating light pigmented melanin. 

The result is naturally lighter, whiter, brighter skin. ​And that's not all - used topically, glutathione also smooths skin texture and helps promote skin cell turnover for overall clearer, more radiant skin. 

Why customers love it:

"Ok, now that I have used this product for a couple of months I've noticed that the dark spot in my face really started to fade. I never used bar soap and especially one like this because usually my skin is left irritated but using this with my face moisturizer really works. I would buy this product again. Just give it time and you will see a difference."

"I love this product. I think it works well for hyper-pigmentation & scarring. I am currently on my second bar of soap and I plan to continue using it till I get the results I want to see. I have tried their pink version, but I prefer this one. The white works better for my skin. I found the white bar more hydrating than the pink one. I also prefer the white bar's smell to the pink one."

"My mom loves this stuff. She says it is lightening her dark spots and I have noticed a bit of a difference as well. She has been using it for about a month now. It does not dry her skin out which is a good thing. I have tried a box of this myself just to see if it will work on my acne scars and if it will dry out my skin (which is super sensitive) and so far so good. I have noticed a bit of lightening in the scars but not too much."​

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best skin whitening soap

One thing we hate about most skin lightening soaps is that they contain a lot of skin-irritating ingredients.

That's why we love it when we find an effective skin lightening soap that is made up potent skin lighteners and natural ingredients that actually benefit the skin - like Relumins Whitening Soap.

This one whitens, brightens and exfoliates - and does so with top-notch, natural ingredients. ​

Why we love Relumins Whitening Soap:

The ingredients are simple, clean and oh, so good - ​with skin-repairing plant stem cells combine with skin-lightening glutathione, licorice, arbutin and kojic acid. 

The result is that it whitens and brightens - but that's not all. It also helps soften rough patches and even out the color and texture of your skin. It's not as gentle as Dr. Woods's soap but it's still not as harsh as most sulfate-laden soaps either. This one's one of the best. 

Why customers love it:

"Really sheds off dead skin cells for faster renewal. I suggest getting more than one. The soap doesn't last long especially if you have a skin regimen twice a day a.m. /p.m. but really great soap and Worth it ! Thanks"

"Noticed immediate results. My skin was not only whiter, brighter but firmer and taught Many comments about the "glow" of my skin."

"I notice the difference on my first use, after some days it was visible for others. On first uses it left the skin in red, it is normal, after some days it stop getting red but still works, latter on you will available to wash your hair or shave the body while it works, I usually exfoliate my body after 5 minnutes with the soap, it does not harm any more. I love it!!"

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best skin lightening soap

Yes, the name is pretty tacky. And yes, it is very new to the (US) market. And yes, we know, there are tons of kojic acid soaps already out there.

So what earns this orange bar a place on the list of best skin lightening soap?

Why we love about Tokyo San's Brightening Soap:

Simple: It's really potent. It uses pure kojic acid and it's the second ingredient, followed by sweet orange and vitamin C not far behind. 

It's also not that drying considering the potent ingredients, most likely because of its glycerin and coconut oil content. It's also really affordable, especially for the concentration of kojic acid you get. 

Why customers love it:

"I am African American and I have/had really bad scars from having horrible acne during my teenage years. I have tried so many products before and nothing worked for me, but with this product, I noticed that my skin was looking lighter, scars were fading and my skin was feeling tighter as well."

"I'm starting to see the results already and it's only been a week. My natural complexion is coming thru again. YEAH!"

"I've been using it for 2 weeks now and my brown spots have faded. I can still see them without make up but are less noticeable. No dryness in my skin. I like it."​

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best skin lightening soap

Papaya has long been used as a natural remedy for skin lightening. But papaya doesn't necessarily lighten skin - after all, it has no ability to block melanin production. 

What is does do is exfoliate, which boosts skin cell turnover and brightens complexion. 

But if that was all this papaya soap had going for it, it wouldn't make our list...

Why we love Papaya Whitening Soap:

Here's a funny little fact about this soap: it doesn't contain much papaya. Papaya extract is actually second last in the ingredients and this is actually a good thing 'cause as you know by now, papaya extract on its own can't do much to actually lighten skin. 

You know what does lighten skin? Natural skin lighteners like Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin, Licorice Root Extract, L-Glutathione, and Kojic Acid - all of which is in this soap. No wonder it actually works. 

Oh, and that's not all it's packing - this soap also boasts a medley of unique skin boosters like Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin B3 and E, Aloe Vera and even Snail Secretion (shown to have amazing skin regeneration properties)!

Just keep in mind that even though this soap has a bunch of nourishing ingredient ingredients, it also contains a potent combination of skin lighteners and can be strong so don't leave it on your skin too long at first - it can make you peel. ​

Why customers love it:

"I love this soap. My acne scars on my face are greatly reduced. My face is no longer blotchy and my acne on my face and back are almost non existent. I had no bad side effects from using the soap."

"It burns a little if you leave it on too long, lathers really really well. Its been only a week that Ive been using this soap and I can tell Ive lightened up some from last summer..."​

"Kojic soap is weak compared to this soap.... My skin is dry and combination in the summer.... This soap makes me see my skin as clear, even, and just skin without the dead stuff."

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best skin lightening soap

Dr. Woods's Skin Lightening English Rose Soap is quite different from the above in that it doesn't contain the typical skin lightening ingredients like kojic acid and gluthathione. 

Instead, this lovely, gently exfoliating soap lightens and whitens with niacinamide (a potent melanin blocker and essential for healthy skin) as well as licorice extract and retinols. 

The results is a deep-cleaning yet very nourishing skin lightening soap that works

Why we love Dr. Woods's Skin Lightening English Rose Soap:

The thing about skin lightening soaps is that the majority of them can be quite drying. And if you already have dry skin (or live in dry, cold climates), that's not a very welcome thing. 

Dr. Woods's soap is different, though. It's formulated with nourishing ingredients like shea butter as well as very effective skin lightening ingredients so you get the lightening benefits without compromising skin moisture.

This is the best skin lightening ​soap for all you sensitive-skinned beauties out there. 

Why customers love it:

"I like using this soap a lot! It makes my skin soft and smooth and it's safe for the skin coz it's made of natural ingredients. And its gradually whitening my skin. It also has a scrub like effect when you lather it on your skin. Will continue using this soap! Thank you Amazon!"

"It lightens the skin , I love love this product. I am a light skin black female. I have been using for a week, I swear I am 2 shades. Lighter. I love that my dark marks are almost gone. I found thus soap by accident, I can not believe that my new routine and my new found bleaching cream has made be look gorgeous. I love this soap. I have placed 2 more orders. I love my lighter skin, really. I want to get lighter and this is working FAST....."

"I use the Dr woods black soap to clear up my skin and love the results and needed to clear up some discolorations on my skin and decided to purchase this soap. Love, love, love. I do not use the soap everyday because it will lightening your face up really fast, but I use it gradually because I do not want to lightening my entire face just the acne marks."

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best kojic acid soap

Shouvy's awesome pink soap is relatively new to the market but it's quickly shot up as one of the most popular skin whitening soaps.

And it's no wonder why - this little pink bar is pretty great.

Why? It whitens using a potent combination of glutatione and kojic acid that proves super effective in erasing spots and scars.

Why we love Shouvy's Whitening Soap:

Our favorite thing about it is how moisturizing it is, which is no surprise considering most of its other ingredients are nourishing oils like almond and coconut oil.

Overall, this is the perfect kojic acid soap if you suffer from dry, easily irritated skin - this will allow you to get the skin lightening benefits without drying out your skin!

Why customers love it:

"My skin is brighter and lighter. It did lighten up some marks I had on my body but I think it will take more time to work on the scars. Overall the tone is really evening out and my underarms are notably lighter."

"I am REALLY impressed by this soap. I have been noticing some darkening under my underarms which I hate because I am SO PALE (honestly I joke i am clear not white) and no creams have been working. Within three washes I noticed a difference with this soap. The soup smells sooo good- like melon or berries. It's easy to split- for a $9 bar of soap I was not about to let he shower steam wear it down faster."

"This soap is truly wonderful and a great discovery. I recently began looking for products such as these after suffering a good deal of sun damage from lots of outdoor hiking with limited sun protection during travel abroad. This soap smells nice, lathers great, and feels wonderful on the body. I've already noticed a slight change in my skin tone after using this soap for a few days. My skin looks slightly lighter and brighter."​

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