Skin Lightening Creams

Looking for the best skin lightening creams? A simple search on Google shows that there are hundreds - possibly thousands - of lightening and whitening creams around. But most of them just aren't all that effective.

And we're not going to bother with those 'cause if you're going to invest the time, money and effort into a lightening cream, you want something that delivers visible, significant results. So we've whittled the long list of creams down to just that - the most potent skin lightening creams currently available (without a prescription). 

Below are our top 3 picks - they're all incredibly effective but #1 and #2 are ranked higher simply because they use natural skin lightening ingredients which are less irritating to your skin (and actually come with skin benefits). Okay, here goes!


meladerm reviews

This is by far our favorite skin lightening cream . Why? It's potent without containing any dangerous ingredients.

There's no hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or parabens. 

What it does have is a power team of strong melanin inhibitors like Niacinamide (great for whitening and essential for healthy skin), Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, and Giga White as well as seriously potent exfoliants that'll help bring the lighter skin to the surface more quickly. 

Why we love it:

  • Uses potent, natural ingredients that are as effective as chemical counterparts but without the side effects.
  • Niacinamide - a strong melanin inhibitor - is the second-listed ingredients, meaning there is more than enough of it in this cream to be very effective. We have not found any other cream that contains as much niacinamide - usually there are a lot of filler ingredients with melanin inhibitors further down the list, but that's not the case with Meladerm.  
  • Highly effective at getting rid of dark spots, freckles, acne spots.
  • Powerful enough to white then skin by several shades.
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so there's no risk for you.

Why customers love it:

"I never write reviews but i had to share this with everyone out there looking to improve their skin texture. I was  skeptical about this because I have tried so many other products and none of them worked as promised. I started using Meladerm about 3 months ago and all my acne/pimple marks, dark spots due to sun burns, pigmentation marks have disappeared. My skin is brighter, my dark circles have significantly improved. I have very sensitive skin but this cream is so light, it did not agitate my skin or give me any additional acne or pimples."

"This is the only skin lightener that has actually worked on my sun spots. I use it every evening, just one pump covers my face, so the container lasts for months."

"I have seen an amazing change in my sun spots lightening over the past year. My skin feels and looks healthier!"

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skin bright cream review

Skin Bright's primary ingredient is arbutin, a naturally-occurring, safe derivative of hydroquinone that is as effective without the nasty side effects.

In addition, Skin Bright contains a perfect mix of other, effective melanin inhibitors (these block your skin's production of melanin to whiten your overall skin tone) as well as skin brightening agents like retinols and vitamin C. ​

Why we love it:

But why we especially like Skin Bright is for the skin-health boosting moisture it provides while lightening the skin. I don't know about you, but my skin's lost a lot of its natural hydration in my 30s and the downside of a lot of skin lightening creams is that they tend to further sap my skin of moisture. 

Skin Bright's a god-send in this respect: it gets rid of dark spots and it whitens your overall skin​ while keeping it thoroughly moisturized and nourished in the process. Plus, it's got no hydroquinone, no parabens, and is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. Oh, and for animal lovers - this is NOT tested on animals. 

Why customers love it:

"Prior to using SkinBright, I had splotches on my arms and on my legs, from sun exposure. I did try a couple products to try to get them to go away and none of them did work until I did try SkinBright. I used SkinBright... after the first month I saw the spots on my arms starting to blend away and after the third month now I can't see them at all." - Lauren, Miami

"I've been using SkinBright for about one month already and this stuff's pretty amazing. The reason I started using it initally was because of years of - I was just sun damaged from being in the sun often. I'm a pretty athletic person, just always playing sports outside, running outside, doing stuff like that, and unfortunately not wearing sunscreen like I should have, so as you can tell, it's lots of sun damage. Since I've been using the SkinBright lotion, the results have been pretty amazing. My skin's lighter, firmer, it feels healthier, and friends have even noticed that my skin's healthier." - Michael, Austin

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piona bleaching cream

Piona is a crazy effective cream for fading dark spots to obscurity. But keep in mind that this is a very strong whitening cream - if you're just trying to fade dark spots, then ONLY apply the cream to those spots.

If you apply it to your whole face, it will brighten your overall complexion but it will also significantly lighten your skin - quickly and possibly more than you'd like. 

Why we love it:

Simple: It works. Fast and seriously well. This stuff practically erases dark spots and if you apply it to your entire face, you'll notice how effective it is at brightening and whitening your overall complexion. The only reason it ranks #3 on our list is because it doesn't contain natural ingredients like the lightening creams above.

Which is why Piona cream can come on a bit strong. If you have sensitive skin, it can lead to redness and inflammation (unlike the natural lightening creams above). So you'll want to go with the above, gentler creams if you have sensitive skin.

The last downside ​is that the tubs the cream comes in are pretty small so it won't last you too long. The upside of this is that this stuff works darn quickly so you might not need another jar.

Note: You absolutely MUST use a sunscreen while using this product. ​

Why customers love it:

"This works!!! I saw a difference within the 1st week and had to stop using it everyday. I bought it to even out my tone. It lightens for sure!! I cant speak for everybody, but it worked for me."

"This is a great product it lighten my skin so good. Best product to clear up your skin. I was dark skin now I am a lot lighter."

"Wish I found this sooner. It absolutely works and the results happen very quickly. I have been at it religiously for 2 months, and am out of my 1 ounce jar. My spots have faded significantly, to the point where I use a little tinted mineral powder for makeup, as opposed to the thick cover-up I was reaching for 2 months ago."

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