5 Simple, Effective Ways to Lighten Skin (And How to Use Them)

ways to lighten skin

You’ve seen the advertisements for skin lightening products. You’ve witnessed some of your favorite celebrities get lighter and lighter skin over the years. So you know it can be done. But you wonder…how do you go through several shades of transformation? It’s not like everyone has access to hundreds of thousands of dollars to shell […]

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Top 5 Best Scar Lightening Cream Reviews

scar lightening cream reviews

While battle scars may be revered as badges of honor, more often they are seen as pesky marks of childhood sports, clumsy falls, and other forms of juvenile play that we would rather not be reminded of. Ranging from pale pink to very visible brown, scars can come in all forms and colors coupled with […]

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10 Korean Skin Whitening Products that Actually Work

korean skin whitening

If there was a place considered the mecca for skin whitening products, it has to be Korea. And when it comes to Korean skin whitening products, we’re not just talking about getting a shade or two lighter. No, what the Koreans love is not just lightened skin, but their ideal concept of perfect skin: pearly, dewy, spot-less […]

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A Roundup of the Best Kojic Acid Products for Skin Lightening

best kojic acid products

As soon as you begin looking into skin lightening, one of the first ingredients you run into is kojic acid. You’ll find it in soaps, lotions, creams, chemical peels – there are a lot of kojic acid products out there, all promising lighter, brighter skin. Which prompts the question…what exactly is this stuff and what […]

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How to Not Get Tan: 5 Tips to Stay Tan Free All Summer Long

tips to not get tanned

While the rest of the rest of the world eagerly looks forward to the beach trips and copious amounts of sun exposure that summer brings, skincare aficionados are scrambling for shade lest their hard work to keep their skin light and luminous all year round goes to waste. So how does one survive the sun soaked […]

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