6 Things You Need to Know About Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream

If you’ve ever searched for a skin lightening cream, you’ve already heard of Meladerm.

Since it first came out in 2003, it’s risen to become one of the most popular lightening and brightening creams on the market so there’s plenty of buzz surrounding it.

And at first glance, it looks super promising. But does it live up to the hype? Here’s 6 things you should know about Meladerm cream before you buy!

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It’s got solid ingredients

You know what’s the biggest skin lightening secret out there? That the efficacy of any product comes down to the ingredients it uses.

It’s not the brand. It’s not the reviews. It’s always going to be the ingredients.

And Meladerm cream reigns supreme in this regard. One of our favorite things about this skin lightening cream is that it leaves out potentially harmful lightening ingredients like hydroquinone, steroids, and mercury.

Instead, it combines a potent list of the best natural skin lighteners like Kojic Acid, Mulberry Root Extract, Bearberry Leaf Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Alpha Arbutin to produce safe skin lightening results. 

On top of the natural lightening ingredients that suppress melanin production, Meladerm also contains a helpful group of exfoliants like Lactic Acid to help reveal the new, brighter and lighter skin more quickly.

It works for all skin types

If you’re looking for skin lightening for black skin or dark skin, you already know that the search can be tricky. Every skin type is different and when it comes to lightening ingredients, some are just not a good idea for darker skin.

For example, hydroquinone cream provides potent skin lightening results, especially at concentrations of 4% or higher, but while it’s safe for Caucasians and light-skinned Asians, it’s not safe for darker-skinned people.

Lighter-skinned folks can use hydroquinone in 3-month cycles but for darker-skinned folk, the continued use of hydroquinone can lead to ochronosis, which is a skin disorder that actually causes a sooty darkening of the skin! Completely counterproductive.

That’s why potent natural skin lighteners are considered the best option for darker skin. And since Meladerm leaves out ingredients like hydroquinone and instead combines the most potent natural melanin suppressors – it’s perfectly safe for light and dark skinned people.

meladerm reviews

On top of that, Meladerm cream also contains no parabens, artificial fragrances or colors and no oil, making it suitable for sensitive skin and skin that’s prone to breakouts as well.

Meladerm for hyperpigmentation

When it comes to uneven skin tone, there are two main types: hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is when patches of skin become darker in color than your normal skin. It’s caused by an excess of melanin, which form deposit in the skin, causing those dreaded brown and black spots that happen on your face from sun damage and acne scars.

Hypopigmentation, on the other hand, is the loss of skin color resulting in white spots on the skin.

Since the skin lightening ingredients used in Meladerm helps suppress melanin activity, Meladerm cream is only effective for fading dark spots and lightening overall complexion – not for darkening white spots.

So use Meladerm for hyperpigmentation but not for hypopigmentation.

It takes time

There are always a few people who are looking for speeding bullet solutions to their problems and while we understand this desire for quick results – most things take time to work.

This applies to pretty much every product out there and Meladerm is no exception.

Sure, you’ll start seeing little changes in just a few weeks but it will take a good two to three months to see real results. So be patient, apply regularly and you’ll get there soon enough.

Want faster results?

Meladerm cream is a pretty fantastic daily treatment. It goes on smooth and nice – none of that sticky icky feeling – and it’s easy to layer moisturizer and sunscreen on top of it.

But if you want faster (and lighter) results, there are ways to do so. Mainly, by combining other skin lightening methods along with Meladerm cream.

One of the easiest options is to opt for a skin whitening soap. These contain lightening ingredients like Kojic Acid or Glutathione to provide an extra boost of lightening power while you wash.

Another option is to take a skin lightening supplement. There are Glutathione and Vitamin C combination pills that help whiten your skin from the inside out. The best part is that it won’t interfere with Meladerm cream at all – in fact, they work side by side to get you lighter results, faster.

And, of course, the most important skin lightening tip: always, always wear sunscreen. Not only will protecting yourself from the sun prevent further tanning and dark spots, but it’ll also help you keep the lighter color that results from regular Meladerm use.

No results? No payment

At $50, Meladerm cream is pretty affordable as far as skin lightening creams go, but if you’re wary about opening your wallet for something that may not work for you, don’t worry.

All Meladerm creams come with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can get your funds back if you see no initial improvement.

Which means you have nothing to lose but those pesky dark spots!

Ready to try Meladerm? It’s only available online – find it here!

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