Celebrity Skin Lightening: Who’s Doing It and What They’re Using

Celebrity skin lightening is as widespread as it is controversial.  Despite the fact that society is becoming more and more accepting of different standards of beauty and skin tones, light skin is still something that a lot of people want to achieve and this does not exclude celebrities.

Which is why you’ll notice some of your celebrities getting lighter and whiter as the years pass by – all the while, they vehemently deny doing anything to their skin.

But denial only gets you so far, especially when a picture is worth a thousand words.

Celebrity Skin Lightening: Who’s Doing It?

So who are these celebs who originally had darker skin that has gotten lighter and lighter over time? Let’s take a look at who they are – and the skin lightening methods they’re most likely using! The first up is…

Rihanna Skin Lightening

rihanna skin lightening

Rihanna tops the list of celebrities who are often accused of lightening their skin and a quick scroll through her past pictures show that her skin color has ranged a spectrum of shades.

But then again, these differences in color could be because of Rihanna’s penchant of changing up her looks more than anything. She continuously marches head on with different trends but some see this as an excuse to whiten her skin.

Many have definitely noticed a change in her overall skin color over the years. She has not publicly commented on whether she has in fact whitened her skin but people have been to quick to compare old photos of her with more current ones. And yes, there is a visible brightening and a leaning toward a more golden, rather than brown, shade.

So, what’s she using? We’re guessing that Rihanna’s lightening skin care regimen consists of a melanin blocking cream to fade away darker pigments. A cream containing hydroquinone combined with a retinol cream can cause visibly lighter and whiter results.

But that’s not all. Rihanna’s skin also shows a difference in the kind of pigment, which can happen when taking Glutathione to change the metabolic pathway of melanin from synthesizing dark, brown or black pigmented melanin (eumelanin) to creating light, pink or red pigmented melanin (phaeomelanin).

Beyonce Skin Lightening

beyonce skin lightening

Yes, even Queen B, despite being one of the most popular and respected stars in Hollywood, constantly topping charts and making waves, has shown evidence of skin lightening.

She has a huge number of awards under her belt and is also one of the wealthiest women in the world. She is idolized by millions and is a key player in equal opportunity for black and non black artists. But a lot of people have also noticed that her skin has become increasingly whiter over the years.

This along with dying her hair blonde among other European beauty trends she has followed. Some have pointed out that this conflicts with her message of equal beauty among different races.

We think the constant change in looks has more to do with switching things up. Plus, Beyonce’s skin lightening looks more like brightening than it does actually bleaching, as is the case with Lil Kim…

So, what’s she using? Beyonce’s skin hasn’t really drastically changed colors. If anything, we’d guess that she’s simply taking very good care of her skin, which starts with a strong SPF for everyday sun protection. 

But the real trick behind Beyonce’s glowing skin is brightening, which can be gotten without doing anything to “bleach” your skin. By using a clever combination of exfoliants – be it microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or just your everyday AHA-containing products – you can slough off layers of dead skin and reveal brighter, lighter and more even skin underneath.

Lil Kim Skin Lightening

lil kim skin lightening

Rapper Lil’ Kim has also definitely changed her skin tone over the years. Some say it is because of skin whitening while others say it is purely due to makeup.

She has neither confirmed nor denied these claims although change has been noticed by a lot of her fans.

And given the drastic differences in skin color – as well as her obvious comfort with cosmetic procedures – we’re going to conclude that the lightening has to do with a lot more than makeup.

So, what’s she using? It appears that when Lil Kim does something – she goes the whole nine yards. Which is why her transformations are so drastic. Over the years, she’s changed a whole lot of parts – to the point that she’s recently started looking more Asian than African American. 

So when it comes to her skin color, she probably didn’t stop at creams and potions and also added on laser skin whitening. Laser skin whitening is a procedure wherein short pulsed concentrated beams of light are targeted to remove melanin and to stimulate the growth of new skin cells. They’re pricey and you’ll require multiple treatments but that probably didn’t stop Lil Kim. 

Nicki Minaj Skin Lightening

nicki minaj skin lightening

It is still unclear if pop sensation Nicki Minaj has indeed lightened her skin but many fans and bloggers have noticed that her skin has been getting lighter over the years. People have been posting pictures of her that are years apart that show a drastic change in her complexion.

Makeup and lighting can only do so much which is why people have been speculating that she has been whitening her skin. Her skin in 2010 when she was just starting to become famous is clearly darker than it is now.

So, what’s she using? Nicki Minaj’s skin lightening is not too drastic – the sort of lightening you could get from a natural skin lightening cream that contains melanin blockers like kojic acid, licorice root, mulberry extract, alpha arbutin and so on. Or even better, a cream that contains a combination of these natural melanin blockers along with exfoliants to speed up cell turnover and get rid of dull, dark, dead skin faster. 

Combine that with a strong sunscreen and this level of lightening can easily be achieved.

Mindy Kaling Skin Lightening

mindy kaling skin lightening

So funny, so quirky, Mindy Kaling isn’t your average celebrity but even she has shown herself to be getting lighter and lighter skinned as the years progress. But it’s hard to say exactly what she’s doing. Sometimes, the skin lightening efforts look pretty obvious but at others it just looks like Mindy may be taking better care of her skin than she did in the past by using skin brighteners and staying out of the sun.

Seriously, just not getting more of a tan can do wonders for your complexion.

So, what’s she using? First of all, Mindy Kaling’s skin was in overall pretty bad shape when she first came into the celebrity spotlight so the transformation isn’t so much about lightening as it is about her skin looking a lot better and healthier. 

That all starts with a good, strong sunscreen. On top of that, we’re guessing Mindy Kaling combined a melanin blocking skin lightening cream – with either hydroquinone or natural bleaching agents – along with a exfoliating regiment that brightened up her dull skin and imparted that lovely glow.

Keri Hilson Skin Lightening

keri hilson skin lightening

Singer Keri Hilson has long been accused of lightening her skin but has also yet to publicly comment on said allegations. Others have questioned her choices as some of her songs talk about womanhood, acceptance of different types of beauty, and love, among others.

Some say her whiter complexion is the result of makeup and lighting, but others also say that these can also do so much saying that she has definitely gone through some type of whitening procedure. We’d agree – the whitening isn’t that drastic so it’s probably the use of a melanin inhibiting cream combined with makeup. But to be honest, we loved her skin color before she started lightening it. It actually looked loads better before!

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