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Fighting Shoulder Acne

Have you ever found yourself surprised by the unpleasant look (and feel!) of inflamed zits on your shoulders? While face acne is by far the most common type, shoulder acne does not fall much behind. Zits on the shoulders tend to be more common in men than in women, and, of course,

Severe Acne Scars

Active acne breakouts cause much frustration while they’re at their peak, but perhaps the worst comes after they’ve disappeared. Post-acne scarring is a real problem for many acne-sufferers, a problem which requires adequate and persistent treatment. While blemishes and pimple scars may go away with time, you can’t do anything immediate to

L-Lysine for Acne

It may come as a surprise and a rather desperate move to start using a drug meant to treat herpes simplex virus-caused cold sores as a cure for acne. The sound of its name doesn’t help either: L-Lysine sounds a bit too chemical to my ears and definitely lacks a reassuring ring

The Effectiveness of Oil Pulling for Acne

Regardless of age or gender, stubborn acne breakouts can make anyone’s life truly complicated. If you’ve ever had to face this very common skin condition, you know you’ve felt how desperate times call for desperate measures. In case you’re suspicious of aggressive surgical acne treatments or don’t have the money to invest

Green Tea: The Unexpected Game-changer in Acne Treatment

Over the past few decades, green tea has emerged as one of the leading natural ingredients recommended for skincare. The list of benefits of this famed drink now seems to be over a mile long – and it’s quite an eclectic list – from dandruff prevention to defying age. But those of

Celebrities And Acne: How They Handle Them

Yes, you are reading it right, this article is going to be about celebrities who, like us, mere mortals, struggle with acne. Although it’s hard to believe, celebrities have to deal with acne and skin blemishes just like the rest of us. They need to take proper care of their skin in

Chemical Peels for Acne Scars

Chemical peels are a type of stronger exfoliation technique. Originally a popular technique for reducing wrinkles, chemical peels are widely used nowadays as an effective method in the dermatological treatment of acne-prone skin and scars. Read on for a useful breakdown of everything you need to know before you opt for a

How to Get Rid of Pimple Scars

Everything you need to know to win a lasting victory against the most universal skin irritation Pimples – also known as spots, zits or acne – are one of the most common skin conditions a person might experience at some point in life. Pimples make a double attack: not only are breakouts