How to Not Get Tan: 5 Tips to Stay Tan Free All Summer Long

tips to not get tanned

While the rest of the rest of the world eagerly looks forward to the beach trips and copious amounts of sun exposure that summer brings, skincare aficionados are scrambling for shade lest their hard work to keep their skin light and luminous all year round goes to waste. So how does one survive the sun soaked […]

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Mequinol for Skin Whitening: Does it Work and Is it Safe?

mequinol for skin lightening

There are a lot of skin lightening ingredients out there but most people have never heard of Mequinol. So what is this obscure ingredient and what can it do for your skin? Read on for answers!Does Mequinol Work for Skin Lightening?Mequinol is actually a derivative of hydroquinone but it differs in some very important ways […]

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Bearberry Extract for Skin Lightening: Does It Work?

bearberry extract for skin lightening

Bearberry extract is quickly becoming a darling of the skin lightening – and anti-aging – industry. In a January 2014 episode, Dr. Oz unveiled his whole body anti-aging guide and bearberry extract featured as the good doctor’s choice as the best skin lightening ingredient to fade signs of aging such as age spots. And more […]

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